Process of onboarding engineers on MindCash®:

1. MindCash® contacts engineer in social network or through friends, or vice-versa: engineer contacts MindCash®
2. Engineer provides MindCash® their contact data (email address and mobile phone number), expected hourly rate in USD and available hours during a week (feel free to communicate any amount, no minimum hours required) for working with MindCash®
3. MindCash® selects engineer and educates them within a webinar about reading and summarizing a patent
4. Engineer summarizes and on demand explains a few sample patents for training purposes, with feedback from MindCash®
5. Engineer starts earning money by summarizing or reviewing summaries of patents for customers (no contract required), gets evaluated by the customer and builds up their status in MindCash®
6. Engineer with a Senior status in MindCash® can take over management tasks in MindCash®

Please contact

Anna Pogosova
mobile: +49 173 514 0646